The Best Choice For Backdrops

We have been supplying photo booths for over 600 events since 2010. We wanted to mix the fun of the photo booth with the ability to create a photo shoot effect for guests who decide to create family pictures and those who want framed pictures. So, after careful contemplation and experimentation, the most popular backdrop for enclosed and backdrop booths became the light gray background. We purchased an airbrushed gray/white cloud like background giving a professional studio experience. Second in the running is the white background. White is especially awesome to use with Slow Motion, Flip Book Booths, and Open Air Backdrop photo booths. Step & Repeat backgrounds are 99% made with a white background. Finally, a darker gray background is also a good choice in some circumstances. Of course, I add other backgrounds to the mix. Blue, Red, Silver Sequins, Brown for Fall, and Tan are also options. We try to stay away from busy backgrounds, like damask unless they are within the same color contract. The fancy and uniqueness of your favor should be emphasized in the picture template, footer, and cover. Our recommendation is to let our company listen to your needs and pick the appropriate backdrop. Call to discuss your photo experience in more detail.

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