FAQs for Paparazzi Photobooths

What Other Types Of Services Do You Supply?

Click on the LINK for answers to Frequently Asked Questions for the services listed.

What Areas Do We Serve?

We provide our services in Cuyahoga, Lake, Geauga, Summit, and Lorain Counties. We have locations outside these areas, but travel charges may apply.

What Does The Package Include?

In addition to the service hours booked, we invest 10 to 30 hours of consultation, graphics design, preparation, drive time, set up and tear down, staff, and other services to ensure your event is a success.

What Is Our Package Pricing?

We have different standard packages. We prefer to work with you to create a custom package to meet your needs, budget and expectations. Call us right now at 216-313-6272 to discuss your event. It is important to select the correct package for your event.

What Are The Minimum Hour Requirements?

We have a 2 hour minimum. Call us at 216-313-6272 for special circumstances.

How Do You Book & Secure Photo Services For An Event Date?

Use the online form, respond to email communications, or call to book your event. An emailed agreement will be sent to you. At that time, you can book the service by sending a retainer check and signed contract to our offices.

Do we require a retainer and how much is required at signing?

Yes. We require a between $100.00-$400.00 non-refundable retainer to reserve your event date. Our services operate on a first-come-first-serve basis. In rare cases, if your retainer is received after another client for a sold out date, we will return your retainer and notify you ASAP.

Do we accept credit cards?

Yes. We will accept credit cards for orders, however, a PayPal fee will be added to your invoice. All balances must be paid 14 days prior to your event.

Do we charge any fees for travel?

All photo service packages include travel time within the designated counties. Counties we serve are: Cuyahoga, Lake, Geauga, Medina, Summit, and Lorain. Depending on the date of the event, we may waive travel fees outside the designated areas specified depending on the package ordered.

Do we have liability insurance?

Yes. we have full coverage for our photo services. If the venue requires a copy of our ‘Certificate Of Liability,’ please let us know ahead of time so that we can provide a copy to the venue.

Are Guests Charges For Photo Services and Prints?

No. The photo services are ‘free’ to all your guests within your contracted time-period. You can order additional hours beyond your contracted time on the night of the event. At that time, you can choose to extend the hours. Make sure you check with the venue regarding any over-time.

Do We Book Events Outdoors?

Yes. However, there are often more logistics associated with an outdoor event, so be sure to contact us so we can work out the details in advance. We need to make sure that the event has the proper electrical to handle our photo booth needs. A typical 110V AC outlet in most cases will suffice. DO NOT SHARE OUR POWER WITH HIGH VOLTAGE EQUIPMENT. Also, the booth needs to be under a shelter.

How much time do we need for setup and breakdown?

We need access to the venue at least 45 minutes for setup and 30 minutes for breakdown for photo booth services. For Green Screen & Flipbook services, more time is needed for setup and breakdown.

How much space is needed to run the photo services?

A 10’ X 10’ area is needed to place the booth, to setup party props, and a table for your guests to sign the scrapbook. Our full enclosure is 4’ X 8’ and we need an additional 2’ to access the booth for any maintenance. Backdrop Setups, like green screen, flipbook stations, and step & repeat services require a 15’x15’ area (though that can vary depending on the venue – we don’t like to have less than a 10’ x 10’ area.) The area should have power nearby and no obstructions like columns or benches.

Is there anything the venue needs to provide us with to run our photo booths and Flipbook stations?


Photo Booth Services: The venue should provide a 6’ or 8’ skirted table for the prop table, 2 chairs for the booth, and an A/C outlet within 25 feet of the photo booth.

Flipbook Stations requires, two 8 foot tables or three 6 foot tables are to be provided and skirted to match the rest of the party. They should be at least 30”D, banquet type tables with locking legs. We can provide tables if required. Let us know 14 days before event if tables cannot be provided. We like to have 2 each dedicated 15 amp circuits. If we do not have sufficient power the quality of your books may be affected. We need one each 150 amp dedicated circuit. We like to have 2 each dedicated 15 amp circuits so we have a backup if there is a problem with power at the venue.

Will we check out the venue before the day of the event?

Yes and No. We ask that you discuss with the venue the best placement of the photo booth. If we have already setup our booth at that facility, we may not need a site visit. If you or the venue would prefer that we check out the equipment setup ahead of time, please let us know.

More Questions?

Call 216-313-6272 to discover the great time Paparazzi Photo Booths can provide to your event.