The Red Carpet Treatment

History: Rolling out the Red Carpet was originally created for heads of state to be greeted as they walked down the red carpet, or the crimson path.  The red carpets were also placed up steps to a throne or where sacred figures were adorned.  Later, the same experience was used to welcome the arrival of World Leaders from their airline jets.  In the 1920s, the railroads directed passengers to board the passenger trains as they walked the red carpet.  This is where the phrase, “The Red Carpet Treatment” was believed to originate.  Starting in the 1920s, the red carpet was used at film premiers for popular actors and actresses to make a grand entrance. It was at this point that the red carpet treatment and Hollywood became synonymous.

You can order a similar experience from Paparazzi Photo Booths.

  • A Step-and-Repeat background can be created with your names, logo, and/or phrases repeated and printed on a backdrop, just like at Hollywood affairs. When the event is over, you can keep the backdrop for future celebrations. We will coordinate & provide the design, ordering, backdrop stands, assembly, and proper lighting. This will surely make the atmosphere look amazing at your special event. Ask us about other backdrop options to showcase your red-carpet theme.
  • The red carpet itself is normally place horizontally in front of the backdrop.
  • Finally, red ropes with crowd control stands/stanchions are place on either side of the carpet. These gold or chrome stanchions will certainly add to your experience.

The Red-Carpet treatment also looks great with our enclosed booth. We subscribe to two design services where red carpet templates are available.  Those ample choices will surely fit your theme. Ask us about our ‘White Carpet’ experience! The exact same concept as the Red Carpet, a white carpet, white stanchion ropes, and various color bow choices that are placed on each end of the ropes giving a unique take on the red-carpet treatment.

The Red Carpet Treatment Gallery